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                <p>An example of a hyperlinked PDF file with a SVG image after it, added programmatically with CSS: <a href="" target="_blank">Course Offerings<a/></p>
For additional help and references, refer to this post: <a href="" target="_blank">STYLE AN HTML PDF LINK WITH THE CSS ATTRIBUTE HREF</a></p>


                /*Add SVG after all links that end with .pdf*/
a[href$=".pdf"]::after {
  margin:0 0 0 3px;
  content: url( 'data:image/svg+xml;charset=UTF-8, <svg xmlns="" viewBox="0 0 448 512" width="18" height="18" fill="blue"><!--! Font Awesome Pro 6.3.0 by @fontawesome - License - (Commercial License) Copyright 2023 Fonticons, Inc. --><path d="M0 64C0 28.7 28.7 0 64 0H224V128c0 17.7 14.3 32 32 32H384V304H296 272 184 160c-35.3 0-64 28.7-64 64v80 48 16H64c-35.3 0-64-28.7-64-64V64zm384 64H256V0L384 128zM160 352h24c30.9 0 56 25.1 56 56s-25.1 56-56 56h-8v32c0 8.8-7.2 16-16 16s-16-7.2-16-16V448 368c0-8.8 7.2-16 16-16zm24 80c13.3 0 24-10.7 24-24s-10.7-24-24-24h-8v48h8zm88-80h24c26.5 0 48 21.5 48 48v64c0 26.5-21.5 48-48 48H272c-8.8 0-16-7.2-16-16V368c0-8.8 7.2-16 16-16zm24 128c8.8 0 16-7.2 16-16V400c0-8.8-7.2-16-16-16h-8v96h8zm72-112c0-8.8 7.2-16 16-16h48c8.8 0 16 7.2 16 16s-7.2 16-16 16H400v32h32c8.8 0 16 7.2 16 16s-7.2 16-16 16H400v48c0 8.8-7.2 16-16 16s-16-7.2-16-16V432 368z"/></svg>');