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<div class="container">
  <div class="row">
    <div class="col-md-12">
      <div class="jumbotron">
        <div class="text-center">
          <h1>Lionel Messi</h1>
          <h2><em>The best footballer of his generation</em></h2>
        <div class="thumbnail">
          <img class="img-responsive center-block" src="" alt="Lionel Messi posing with four Ballon d'Or trophies" width="800">
        <p class="caption text-center"><small>Messi at Camp Nou stadium posing with his 4 Ballon d'Or trophies</small></p>
      <div class="row">
        <div class="col-md-8 col-md-offset-2">
          <h3>Here's a time line of Lionel Messi's life:</h3>
              <li><strong>1987</strong> - Born in Rosario, Argentina</li>
              <li><strong>1993</strong> - Joined Newell's Old Boys football club in Argentina</li>
              <li><strong>1997</strong> - Diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency</li>
              <li><strong>2000</strong> - Messi family sought to arrange a trial with Barcelona FC</li>
              <li><strong>2001</strong> - Messi family relocated to Barcelona</li>
              <li><strong>2005</strong> - Messi signed his first professional contract with Barcelona FC</li>
              <li><strong>2007</strong> - Became a regular starter for Barcelona Fc</li>
              <li><strong>2008</strong> - Won Olympic gold medal with Argentina national football team</li>
              <li><strong>2009</strong> - Was awarded the Fifa Ballon d'Or (best player in the world)</li>
              <li><strong>2009</strong> - Named Fifa world player of the year</li>
              <li><strong>2010-2011</strong> - Lead his team to win the Treble(win three major competitions in one season)</li>
              <li><strong>2011</strong> - Named UEFA Best player in Europe</li>
              <li><strong>2015</strong> - Won his 5th and record breaking Fifa Ballon d'Or award</li>
              <li><strong>2016</strong> - Copa America Top assist provider</li>
            <blockquote cite="">
              "I feel sorry for those who want to compete for Messi's throne — it's impossible, this kid is unique."<br>
              <footer><em>Pep Guardiola after Messi became Barcelona's all-time top scorer at age 24 in March 2012</em></footer>
            <p>If you have time, you should read more about this amazing soccer player on his <a href="" target="_blank">Wikipedia entry</a>.</p>
    <div class="row">
      <div class="col-md-12">
    <p class="text-center">Written and coded by <a href="">Kerri-Ann Bates</a></p>


                body {
  margin-top: 60px;
  padding: 0;