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  1. Very nice looking implementation, except I think it would feel more natural to interact directly with the donut rather than using a slider. I realise that's another whole level of difficulty, but might be something worth working toward for a sequel? Cheers!

  2. Hi @crowtower, thank you for the feedback!, you can check this out https://codepen.io/kaolay/pen/ZaMNqr , it uses a virtual joystick to interact with the donuts, it's quite easy to move the joystick on the donut (it was in the past but is not so easy to use because the finger cover in part the donut). It use canvas. Cheers!

  3. It seems like any value below 50% is not displayed correctly on the donut, because the pink remains at least half-way there, never entirely disappearing... just a heads up!

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