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  1. man, thats pretty nice a lot of work.. good job

  2. Oh maaaaa gaaad. You deserve a big shiney medal

  3. This makes me watch the Star Wars series all over again... Nice job

  4. holy fuck i think my eyeballs just turned inside out to witness my mind exploding!!!!! tridiv is going to revolutionize 3d css!

  5. tridiv is gonna be producing some crazy CSS demos!!

  6. One word: badass! My eyes are kind of watering from the awesome.

  7. Okay, I guess that was more than one word.

  8. insane dude. nice design on the site as well.

  9. nothing more to say. start from what julian gave us and build from there. thanks for the step towards better web

  10. Big kudos man, revolutionary work!

  11. W o W

    Export.zip not good work in chrome (Version 26.0.1386.0)

  12. This is just great man. Thanks for the effort!

  13. Will give you 50 bucks for a TIE Fighter. Just the model, no need to animate. I mean it ... mail me.

  14. wow very hard job you done

  15. Tridiv is my favorite browser tool, insanely useful! Did you used any tool generate the animation keyframes for this demo? The easing and synchronization timing is waay too complex...

  16. This is totally inspiring. Need to look into this TriDiv and code a Superman animation! Maybe make him being chased by a General Zod. ToSuDo: code superhero fight scene using TriDiv. To the Code Monkey Fortress of Solitude!

  17. Hi Tony, i am developer but i have used css 3d not much and i am stuck in applying some 3d radius in other axis. Can you please help me out or give any idea :) , Actually i have design a 3d card with css3 and javascript , the card is like ATM card and its corners are round when i make it 3D using CSS3 i am unable to add rounded/molded corners to it that can join the other corners. The link of card is http://darkpattern.de/ The card is movable around 360° . Any help will be greatly appreciated

  18. not one word of JS...hats off to you!

  19. A W E S O M E N E S S

  20. WOW! <3 it!!!

  21. CSS3D!!!

  22. I've been testing your tridiv using the direct link to codepen. None of the 3D objects load. And more curiously get a ref to a vendor prefix. Why not include the vendor prefix(es) in the code output that is going to codepen??

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