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Recreation of a print menu from The Phoenicia Diner in Phoenicia, NY using CSS Grid.


  1. 😍 Love this! And now I want to go there and have some biscuits and gravy

  2. Wow, this looks great, good work!

  3. Holy cap! You're doing a great job on this. Saw the original/recreation on Twitter.

    I have a special appreciation for menu details. I used to work in print, and designed the menu for a big Chinese restaurant. It was the largest food menu in Orlando, and would change every year. I worked with Disney and Tupperware, but that damn menu always ended up being one of my bigger projects... but I never had to make it look good in a browser, and retain all those details! That's next level

  4. ¡Great work Jules!

  5. So well done.

  6. @julesforrest your menu is awesome! I live 5 minutes from Phoenicia Diner! The food is amazing there! I hope you have visited us here in the beautiful Catskills. Next time you're round here stop by and say hi!

  7. @Judith Glad to hear that :) I used to live in Binghamton and spent a lot of weekends in the Catskills in the summer. Will do!

  8. Inspiringly beautiful

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