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h1 ✅ Emojibox
h2 Checkbox with emojis (without JS)

h3 Standard checkbox (non-emoji)
input(type="checkbox" id="j").boringbox
label(for="j") I want to receive the newsletter

h3 I want to receive the newsletter
input(type="checkbox" id="o")
  span 👍
  span 👎

h3 I am a...
input(type="checkbox" id="u")
  span 👩
  span 👨
h3 Mute sound 
input(type="checkbox" id="a")
  span 🔊
  span 🔇

h3 Mute sound (monkey version)
input(type="checkbox" id="n")
  span 🐵
  span 🙉

h3 Football is...
input(type="checkbox" id="m")
  span ⚽
  span 🏈
h3 How much do you agree with Donald Trump's politics?
input(type="checkbox" id="a1")
  span 😊
  span 😐🔫
h3 Solo Player / Multi Player
input(type="checkbox" id="r")
  span 👤
  span 👥
h3 Slow or fast? 
input(type="checkbox" id="c")
  span 🚶
  span 🏃

h3 ?
input(type="checkbox" id="e")
  span 🍑
  span 🍆

h2 Non-binary option / Radiobox
p In case two options are not enough, you are able to use a radiobox for more options
p (no JS needed, there's some special CSS magic happening for that)

h3 How stressed are you at work?
  input(type="radio" id="l1" name="work" value="1" checked)
  label(for="l1") 😪
  input(type="radio" id="l2" name="work" value="2")
  label(for="l2") 😕
  input(type="radio" id="l3" name="work" value="3")
  label(for="l3") 😎
  input(type="radio" id="l4" name="work" value="4")
  label(for="l4") 😩
  input(type="radio" id="l5" name="work" value="5")
  label(for="l5") 🤯

h3 Which of these is your favorite Kanye West song?
  input(type="radio" id="c1" name="song" value="Gold Digger" checked)
  label(for="c1") 🥇⛏️
  input(type="radio" id="c2" name="song" value="Ni**as in Paris")
  label(for="c2") 👨🏿👨🏿🗼
  input(type="radio" id="c3" name="song" value="Heartless")
  label(for="c3") 💔
  input(type="radio" id="c4" name="song" value="Stronger")
  label(for="c4") 💪➕
h3 FontAwesome icons are possible as well
input(type="checkbox" id="o1")

h3 In fact, you could use any anything (like span + text)
input(type="checkbox" id="m1")
  span Cool!
  span Meh...


// Scaffold style
  padding: 0 10px
  font-family: sans-serif
  max-width: 500px
  margin: 0 auto 50px
h1, h2, h3
  margin-top: 30px
  margin-bottom: 5px
  margin: 0

// Emojibox
  display: none

  border: 1px solid #777
  padding: 10px
  display: block
  width: 120px
  height: 33px
  text-align: center
  font-size: 2rem
  margin-bottom: 10px
  user-select: none
  cursor: pointer
  position: relative
  display: flex
  justify-content: center
  background-image: linear-gradient(#fff, #eee)
  border-radius: 5px
    background-image: linear-gradient(#eee, #ccc)

  width: 102px
  position: relative
  height: 60px
  margin-bottom: 10px

// Reset style for particular example
input.boringbox + label
  display: inline
  border: none
  font-size: inherit
  padding: 0

// Emojibox: Checkboxes
label > *
  position: absolute
  transition: opacity .2s ease
input + label > :last-child
  opacity: 0

input:checked + label > :first-child 
  opacity: 0

input:checked + label > :last-child
  opacity: 1

// Emojibox: Radioboxes
input[type="radio"] + label
  opacity: 0
  position: absolute
  pointer-events: none
  transition: opacity .2s ease

input[type="radio"]:checked + label
  opacity: 1
input[type="radio"]:checked + label + input[type="radio"] + label
  pointer-events: auto
input[type="radio"]:first-child:not(:checked) + label
  pointer-events: auto


                // Author: Jouan Marcel
// Author URI: