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Easily changeable pixel size.

UDPATE: I'm glad to see this has spawned a whole series of 'box-shadow' drawings! There have been some incredible examples created. Please keep in mind that this is not suitable for production use!


  1. Nice! Gave up after seeing this one. I was able to save myself from having to draw the yellow squares with box-shadow using :after, rotate and z-index

  2. @Jason Delia Ah, good idea!

  3. You've won Joshua!

  4. Thanks, Azik :p

    Jason, I've made that change. Thanks for the suggestion!

  5. I was considering working on this when I got home after seeing Paul Irish's tweet earlier, but you beat me too it. Great job man!

  6. Thanks, Mike! I was lucky enough to see his tweet as soon as he sent it, so I had a major head start. Not only that, but I recently wrote an article on using box-shadows to draw things, so I knew that it would be a perfect technique for this project!

  7. Doesn't work on my iPhone.

  8. That's weird, Nihad. It works perfectly on my iPhone 5 running iOS 6.

  9. I get the same thing as Nihad on Chrome for mobile. Good job though.

  10. Strange, I can't replicate the problem in mobile Safari. Must be a Chrome specific bug.

  11. Fixed that bug, http://codepen.io/Simonclavey/pen/odbuf Really strange issue of no default colour. You have to set the colour for it to work on Chrome mobile. Ha!

  12. That's just awesome :D

  13. Ahh, thanks, Simon. I was trying to save as many bytes as possible!

  14. This is soooo cool! :D

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