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SVG path animation, using stroke-dashoffset, for the mouse, and the animating calligraphy technique found here - https://css-tricks.com/animate-calligraphy-with-svg/ - for the signature.


  1. this is so good, the drawing board tools are a really nice touch

  2. Thanks!

  3. this is great I didn't know about you could animate calligraphy

  4. What an impeccable job you've done! Thank you so much!

  5. Wonderful work!! I only wish Mickey wasn't so heavily copyrighted :(

  6. This is sublime!

    Really nice work man!

  7. What tools did you use to create the animation? I have Keyshape App for Mac myself.

  8. I drew the paths by hand in Illustrator, and saved them as SVG. I wrote the javascript to animate the dash offset of the paths in order.

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