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                <svg viewBox="0 0 1400 1200">
<!-- cx and cy set location along axis while r is the size/radius -->
<!-- Change some of the numbers below to see what happens! -->
  <circle class="circle" cx="255" cy="755" r="140" />
<!-- Width and height set size while x and y set location on screen -->
<!-- A square is just a rectangle with a matching width and height -->
<!-- Try to make an extra square by copying and pasting this rect code below and changing the x an y values -->
  <rect class="square" width="220" height="220" x="500" y="800"/>
<!-- cx and cy change location on screen, rx and ry set size -->
  <ellipse class="oval" cx="650" cy="550" rx="175" ry="100" />
  <rect class="rect" width="400" height="200" x="700" y="65" />
<!-- Lists exactly where lines should start and stop on the screen to make stairs effect -->
<!-- Change a couple of the numbers below to see what happens! -->
  <polyline class="stairs" points="100,180 180,180 180,260 260,260 260,340 340,340 340,420" fill="none" />
  <polygon class="poly" points="850,805 900,805 925,830 925,880 900,905 850,905 825,880 825,830" />
<!-- x1 and y1 define the starting point of the line while x2 and y2 define the end point -->
  <line class="line" x1="950" y1="500" x2="1300" y2="900" />



                // Fill is how the color is changed

.circle {
  fill: #C19AB7;

.square {
  fill: #2E3888;

.oval {
  fill: #DB5461;

.rect {
  fill: #F38252;

.stairs {
  stroke: #BBC42A;
  // Changes thickness of line
  stroke-width: 20;

.poly {
  fill: #F3ABBA;
  // Scale larger or smaller


.line {
  // Changes the color of a stroke, different from fill
  stroke: #593C8F;
  //Change thickness of line
  stroke-width: 20;

// Provides boundaries for shapes
svg {
  border: 16px solid #F3ABBA;



                /* This tells the included shape where to move from, its center */
gsap.set(".oval, .poly", {transformOrigin: "50% 50%"})

/* Quickly scale larger or smaller. An example of a smaller value is .5 */
/* Add a positive y value to move down, and a negative value to move up */
gsap.set(".poly", {scale: 2, x: 70})

/* Duration sets how long each movement will take */
/* Yoyo means that the movements will reverse when complete */
/* A repeat value of -1 means that it will replay forever */
gsap.timeline({repeat: -1, yoyo: true, defaults:{duration: 2}})
/* x and y move the shape over and then down. Change these values and add additional lines to see what happens */
  .to(".rect", {x: 100})
  .to(".rect", {y: 150}) 
 /* scaleX says to only impact the size on that one axis */
  .to(".rect", {scaleX: .5})

/* A negative delay causes overlap with the animations written before this one */
/* Rotate values are degrees, so 360 spins all the way around */
  .to(".oval", {rotate: 360, scaleY: .3, fill: "#F3ABBA", delay: -3})