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  <body class="bd">
    <div style="background-color:grey;">
    <h1 class="head"> Justin Hooter</h1>
    <div class="head">1503 Vancouver dr. Tucker, GA 30084<br>Cell: 404-980-8758<br>Email:<br><a href="">LinkedIn Profile</a></br></div>
    <div style="margin-left:15px;">
    <h2 class="point">Objective</h2>
    <p>To work with a well-established, organized company, and have the opportunity for growth. 
    <h2 class="point" style="margin-left:15px;">Experience</h2>
      <div class="hl">
      <span class="open">April 2016 - present</span> 
      <span style="margin:500px;">Apple</span>
      <span style="margin:45px;">Atlanta, Ga</span>
      <p class="title">Technical Specialist</p>
      <ul class="list">
        <li>Explanation of issues with device</li>
        <li>Appointments handled in timely manner/time management</li>
        <li>Clear options given</li>
        <li>Ability to empathies with customer concerns</li>
        <li>Attention to detail</li>
        <li>Strong team work </li>
        <li>Ability to quickly adapt to changing procedures, protocols, environment </li>
        <li>Responsible handling of customer information</li>
      <div class="hl">
      <span class="open">November 2015 – Present </span>
      <span style="margin:465px;">Apple</span>
      <span style="margin:65px;">Atlanta, Ga</span>
      <p class="title">Visuals Team</p>
    <ul class="list">
      <li>Imaging iOS and mac devices</li>
      <li>Maintaining visual standards across entire store</li>
      <li>Updating store with new products </li>
      <div class="hl">
      <span class="open">Augusta 2015 – March 2016</span> 
      <span style="margin-left:450px;">Apple</span>
      <span style="margin-left:530px;">Atlanta, Ga</span>
      <p class="title">Red Zone Specialist</p>
    <ul class="list">
      <li>Extensive knowledge of products and service</li>
      <li>Minor troubleshooting of customer issues</li>
      <li>Ability to pair customer with appropriate products</li>
      <li>Product demonstrations</li>
      <div class="hl">
      <span class="open">March 2015 – August 2015</span> 
      <span style="margin-left:450px;">Best Buy</span>
      <span style="margin-left:500px;">Douglasville, Ga</span>
      <p class="title">Computer and Digital Imaging Sales Specialist </p>
    <ul class="list"> 
      <li>Engage customers using selling skills to build complex, connected solutions</li>
      <li>Inspire customers by showing them what’s possible with technology</li>
      <li>Use innovative training tools to stay current, confident on products</li>
      <li>Accumulate and apply the appropriate knowledge and expertise</li>
      <li>Maintain department merchandising and readiness to serve customers</li>
      <li>Back up other team members</li>
      <div class="hl">
      <span class="open">May 2014 – December 2014</span>
      <span style="margin-left:445px;">Best Buy</span>
      <span style="margin-left:500px;">Augusta, Ga</span>
      <p class="title">Sales Transaction Assistant</p>
  <ul class="list">
    <li>Partner with other employees to ensure customers’ end-to-end needs are met and that no customer is left unserved</li>
    <li>Provide friendly, fast, and accurate processing for all customer transactions</li>
    <li>Develop strong relationships with customers</li>
    <li>Help answer questions and resolve customer issues</li>
    <li>Knowledge of sales and promotions</li>
    <li>Attaching additional products and services</li>
      <div class="hl">
      <span class="open">November 2013 – December 2014</span>
      <span style="margin-left:380px;">Pacific Sunwear</span>
      <span style="margin-left:440px;">Augusta, GA</span>
      <p class="title">Sales Associate</p>
  <ul class="list">
    <li>Completing Sales Transactions</li>
    <li>Extensive knowledge of products on floor</li>
    <li>Understanding and explaining current sales and promotions</li>
    <li>Stock and Shipment</li>
    <li>Online ordering</li>
    <li>Building displays</li>
    <li>General upkeep and Store recovery</li>
    <li>Loss prevention</li>
<h2 class="point" style="margin-left:15px;">Education</h2>
      <span class="open">August 2016 – Present</span> 		
      <span style="margin-left:500px;">Georgia State University</span>		
      <span style="margin-left:450px;">Dunwoody, Ga</span>
      <span class="open">January 2006 – December 2010</span> 	
      <span style="margin-left:440px;">Dunwoody High school</span>		
      <span style="margin-left:455px;">Dunwoody, Ga</span>


  color: white;

  margin: 300px;
  border: 0px;
  text-align: left;