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CSS Hexagon grid with animation flip on hover


  1. Hi John from a fellow RVAer :) I actually met with Ralph at your offices a few months ago. Congrats on being featured on the front page!

    At one point I went pretty deep into researching this stuff… Fixed width isn't always the best for responsive design, so you might be interested in checking out a few of my pens with fluid hexagons using percentage based widths:

  2. @joeyhoer Hey Joey! Thanks! I enjoyed digging into your examples. I agree that fixed width isn't always the best, I created multiple sizes to try and accommodate for responsive, but the 'gotcha' I ran into with this example was using images as the background for the hexagon rather than solid colors.

    I see in your examples you're using solid colors which helps because you don't need to consider the image layers lining up with each other to create a seamless image even though it's 3 layers on top of each other. I'd love to see an example if you have one with images!

    I wrote this almost 2 years ago so it's in desperate need of refactor. Maybe I'll get around to it and can pull some of your work to make it truly responsive. Thanks! -John

  3. The technique also works with background images, which you can combine with SVG to create a pseudo stroke/border effect.

  4. @joeyhoer hell yeah! Nice work man.

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