text = '
    So here we are again — back with more placeholder text for another example.
    You’re sticking around to read it, too.
    We’re paused for a moment here, reading and learning together.
    Relaxing, isn’t it?
  text2 = '
    Now we’re on the second paragraph.
    Feel free to stop reading and look at the indentation.
    That’s why we’re both here after all.

    %p= text
    %p.ti05= text2

    %p= text
    %p.ti1= text2

    %p= text
    %p.ti2= text2

    %p= text
    %p.ti3= text2
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@import url('https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Source+Serif+Pro:400')

  background: #f7f7f6
  font-family: 'Source Serif Pro', serif
  font-size: 17px
  line-height: 1.35
  padding: 37.5px

  margin-left: auto
  margin-right: auto

  max-width: 460 / 19 * 1em
  max-width: 620 / 19 * 1em
  max-width: 750 / 19 * 1em
  max-width: 900 / 19 * 1em

  margin: 0

  + p

      text-indent: 0.5em
      text-indent: 1em
      text-indent: 2em
      text-indent: 3em

  margin-bottom: 17px * 1.35
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