At STELLARES, we use AI to match you with life-changing career opportunities that are tailor matched to your specific needs, preferences and profile. We provide you with an AI-talent agent that looks far and wide for tailor-fit opportunities for you 24/7, so that you can focus on other things - yes, it really is that easy.

Our platform is free to use for talent.


We will not be placing you in just ANY Front End Developer role - we’ll be connecting you within top tech companies and startups in the Bay Area where you work and develop products with the very best teams in Silicon Valley.

  • You’re not just looking for another job; you are looking to find the career or opportunity of a lifetime, as defined by YOU.
  • You want to work on challenging and impactful projects that make you excited to come into work every single day.
  • You want to code with the newest tools in the latest programming languages.
  • You’re looking to work in a flat, mission-driven organization
  • You're looking for a highly stimulating team and/ or for a hiring manager that can mentor you.


  • We are looking for high-performing (stellar) engineers and developers. As an ideal candidate, you usually have no problem getting interviews - rather, what makes your job search complex is screening through opportunities to focus on the ones that truly fit your interests, expertise, personal and professional goals.
  • You have proven markers of success, including, but not limited to: completing a degree at a top college or university (MIT, Stanford, etc.), you’ve worked for a few years at a reputable tech company (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google, etc.) or have deep domain knowledge in a particular field.
  • You have at least TWO years of work experience and are authorized to work in the US

If this sounds like you, we’d love to be a part of your career journey.


Apply here. The application takes 3 minutes to finish.