As a Frontend Engineer you'll build the web apps that first introduce people to Robin, and help them build an office command center. We work with JavaScript, particularly in Node, AngularJS and React. Most of our effort today is for browsers, but we'll go wherever our customers get work done (e.g chat bots for Slack).

We prototype ideas quickly, ship, get feedback and repeat. You should be comfortable with JS that extends beyond $('.foo') and into fully baked apps where performance matters. We're looking for someone who's done it before and wants to be a part of building the foundation for a rapidly growing office platform.

Specifically, you'll lead our front-end team. You'll be helping organize and inspire a team of passionate developers. You think about how you can double their productivity, happiness, and prowess with your expertise and guidance. You care about their success at Robin and career as a whole.

These are some traits that make it easy to succeed here:

  • Organized and on top of your day-to-day tasks.
  • People have to enjoy talking to you. And you have to enjoy talking with them.
  • Hungry to learn and teach. We invest heavily in making each other better.
  • Patient and empathetic. Customers (and people in general) like this.
  • Absolutely self-driven. You’ve got to love measuring your own progress.

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  • $100K – $130K
  • 0.0% – 0.25%

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