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Check out an example
Check out an example


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The URL to your job description where applicants can apply. Don't have one? Use a Google Doc.

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The Facts

  • Your job listing won’t just appear here on CodePen, but also on the CSS-Tricks job board and the ShopTalk Show job board automatically. We also regularly feature jobs in The CodePen Spark
  • Whenever you have a job post running, your CodePen account is upgraded to PRO automatically. That may be useful to you, as you can use Collab Mode for conducting remote interviews.
  • CodePen has ~500,000 users. Across the three sites where your job will be posted, we serve ~12,000,000 sessions monthly.

Does it work?

“After getting many applications, the vast majority of whom were high quality and qualified, we conducted interviews and found an awesome person.

She’s been working with us for a week now, and we’re delighted.”

- Steven Garrity at Silverorange

How are the candidates?

“CodePen Jobs gave us an extremely strong pool of candidates to start talking to where were plugged into the latest web practices and trends. We had a great experience with it and will absolutely be using it as we build out our dev team.”

- Brian Krall at Tovala

Do developers get hired?

“Recently I pursued an opportunity listed on your job board, and as of last week, I’m a proud new member of that team!

I’m having a blast with the organization and couldn’t have found a better fit.”

- Kevin Lesht at Home Chef