Rotate° are on the look-out for talented front-end (and/or full stack) developers of various experience levels to join their team on a fulltime basis.


We’re a boutique, creative studio in Hackney London, specialising in digital design and development. We work with a range of exciting clients from various industries. We're passionate about pushing boundaries, learning new technologies, creating great brands and making memorable digital experiences. We pride ourselves on the touches and interactions that make the difference between a good site and a great one.

As a small studio we are constantly looking to further our abilities and learn. This means keeping on top of current development trends and integrating them into our projects.


We’re on the hunt for talented front-end (and/or full stack) developers to join our small but perfectly formed studio. The role will involve working literally side-by-side with the design team and lead developer on projects of varying sizes.

The ideal candidate has a passion for learning new development languages, problem solving, an appreciation for design and a real eye for detail. Being a small studio we welcome the contribution of idea’s and actively ensure all team members are involved with the early concepting stages and creative processes of a project. An enthusiasm to produce truly great work is a must.

We’re not just about making things look great. The way a site feels and performs is also key. The ideal candidates will be able to rise to the challenge of technical problem solving as well as flexing their animation and CSS skills.

Knowledge of

The ideal candidate has a handle on some or all the following:

  • Vanilla JS
  • Front-end Frameworks (such as React, Angular or Ember)
  • Git
  • Build systems (such as Gulp or Webpack)

Experience / Salary

Salary is dependent on experience - we are currently meeting with candidates with at least 2 years experience. Being a small studio, it’s about finding the right fit - we’re willing to take on someone with less experience if their attitude is great, similarly we’re willing to pay more for an experienced candidate if the skill set is there.

Whether you are junior who’s hungry to develop and grow, or a seasoned dev who wants to work with a great design team, we have a place.

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