Handbuilt is looking for a talented super-genius to help conceive, design and develop highly immersive Augmented Reality (AR) products primarily using Apple’s ARKit, Google’s Tango, and Unreal Engine (or Unity), along with support to build on Handbuilt’s existing augmented reality product lines that are currently in development.

To this extent you will be able to demonstrate successful commercial experience developing for iOS and Android, and be very interested or have experience in technologies such as React Native.

In addition, this position may allow for the potential to contribute to high-end web app design + development areas that Handbuilt also work in, so having skills in user experience / UX design and modern javascript technologies such as Node and React are sought after too.

Equally important to the team here at Handbuilt is the ability to be a team player who can add value to our culture, as well as having an insatiable hunger for learning, and a burning desire to produce the best possible work. It’s the thing we do around here, and it’s seen us scoop 18 international design awards, including a few at the Webby Awards.

We’ve designed, developed and managed projects for global brands and billion dollar Australian icons, and our client list ranges across a vast array of business types and sectors - ensuring you always get interesting, challenging projects to work on.

Where to from here?

Here’s the deal…

You might not have all the skills we are after, but hard work and a fanatical passion for quality mean a great deal to us (and might just give you a shot) so we encourage people who think they have a decent chunk of the skills we’re after (but missing a few here and there) to get in touch with the usual CV that addresses the criteria below and provides links to that all-important portfolio work!

We’re really looking to fill a long-term, full-time position, although we could be swayed if you’re truly kick ass, and salaries will be commensurate with experience.

Final shortlisted candidates will be invited (or flown in) for an on-site visit, courtesy of Handbuilt.

This permanent full-time position is suitable for Australian citizens and permanent residents of all ages and genders.

Closing date is Monday 3rd July 2017.

Interested candidates will apply to:

David Shering



Skills you’ll need to show experience in:

  • Objective-C and/or Swift
  • Java
  • ARkit
  • Unreal engine and/or Unity
  • SceneKit
  • SpriteKit
  • Metal
  • React, Vue or Angular
  • React Native
  • Flux / Redux
  • WebSockets
  • Node
  • MongoDB or equiv
  • Git / Github
  • SSH / command line

Useful but non-essential skills

  • Sketch / Illustrator
  • 3DS Max / Maya or equiv.
  • 3D modelling, rigging, rendering or lighting


We believe great talent like you deserves a great job, so here’s just some of the perks we offer:

Personal development - enabling you to create great things

  • Creative freedom to express your talents
  • Long term, ongoing position
  • Wide variety of clients and job types gives a fantastic opportunity to expand your repertoire and experience
  • Research + development program allows time to explore new and emerging technologies
  • Chance to work with global & national brands, governments, and major organisations
  • Our award submissions policy is extensive and successful - meaning you have more chance to gain international recognition

Awesome work environment - having an encouraging and beautiful place to work stimulates creativity

  • Relaxed studio environment
  • Large bespoke workstations give generous wrap-around desk space and integrated meeting nooks for inter-team discussions
  • Ergonomic chairs and individual workstation lighting keep you healthy at work
  • Shower facilities for that lunchtime run or bike ride
  • Relaxing lounge area with VR, 4K TV, music and video-game facilities to let you chill out when you need a break, or lay down a serious 4-up challenge for your work mates!
  • Private gardens with benches to enjoy your lunch, or snooze under the Willow Tree planted in 1884 on hot days
  • Full kitchen facilities for those who like to prepare a fresh lunch
  • Mellow and encouraging work ambiance
  • Choice of brand new Mac or PC with 2 additional dual HD monitors
  • All the latest creative software you need
  • Comprehensive internal design + development environments for rapid and efficient work practices
  • 4 tier disaster recovery plan to protect our data, the company and your employment

Enviable Location - because you have to be happy where you live

  • Tassie’s fast becoming a hot-bed of hi-tech talent attracted here by the highly desirable lifestyle of world-class art, food, wine and natural beauty - all wrapped up in reduced cost of living, affordable housing, and the cleanest, sweetest air anywhere!
  • Almost no traffic jams (seriously I’ve never sat in a traffic jam in over 8 years)
  • Willow Cottage Studio is based in the stunning historic town of Richmond – first settled in 1823
  • Safe and peaceful village surroundings
  • Family friendly with an idyllic village green which hosts numerous music, cultural and heritage events
  • Richmond has some of the State’s top primary schools
  • Quiet roads - perfect for lunchtime runs and family bike rides
  • 15 mins to Hobart, 10 mins to the airport
  • Access to some of the World’s most stunning scenery including Wineglass Bay, and World Heritage Areas such as the Tarkine Rainforest and the idyllic Bay of Fires
  • Miles of jaw-dropping beaches, including our favourite dog friendly one only 10 mins away!
  • Mt Wellington and Blue Derby are world-class mountain bike parks which have every trail type a fat-tyre enthuisast could dream of, and breathtaking climbing / bouldering are perfect for budding Chris Sharma's out there