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This pen uses javascript to get the wanted CSS Selector ::nth-line working so you can have control over lines of text.

It's not perfect.


  1. Great, i like it. Have done something similar nth-letter, word etc. http://codepen.io/FWeinb/details/djuIx

  2. Not exactly the same as what your going for here, which is cool by the way, but if you haven't already seen Lea Verou's talk on a similar subject (using pure CSS) you should give it a look - http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=3ikye7Qc7Ak#t=1234s - I copied the URL at from the point of the video that she talks about this. If anything, maybe it could offer some further guidance or ideas. Keep up the great work and ideas...

  3. @Fabrice there is also http://letteringjs.com/ for that also

  4. @Phillip thanks for going to the effort to get the video link just checked it out. Lea's solution is likely a better solution if you were going to mimic this exact pen. However this pen would be able to do things such as changing text colour or even the line-height.

  5. well done James!

  6. I also work on line spliting https://codepen.io/yukulele/pen/GpNpLB

    And I have bug like your

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