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                 <!--5013 Jennifer Cunningham-Lozano final project 

How's your day! app

Project: app for students to submit their daily rank of the days lessons. 
Goal: provide district with feedback on virtual classroom lesson from the student level. Feedback on class assingment and social behavior (how they feel that day)
Reports: Disctrict can report on subject, grade level and date range. 
tech: Bootstrap, Vue.js (v-model, methods (set(), get(), clear form ="", disable button) vue star-rating component, firebase (collection=reviews, document(autoid), fields)


<link rel="stylesheet" href="">

 <div id="app">

   <!--Top Section header message -->
   <div class="media">
     <img class="align-self-start mr-4" src="" alt="How's your day?" style="width:200px;height:200px;">
     <div class="media-body">
       <h4 class="mt-4"><b>Student Daily Feedback Link</b></h4>
       <p>It's finally the end of the school day one more activity to complete before we go out to play.</p>
       <h4 class="mt-2"><b>Submit your rating &#x2B50; &#x2B50; &#x2B50; &#x2B50; &#x2B50;</i></b></h4>
       <p>All of your teachers are looking forward to your feedback on today's lessons you completed. We value your input to keep us creating and updating our lesson plans to achieve a 5*STAR* rating. </p>
       <h4 class="mt-4"><b>Thanks!</b></h4>
       <p><i>Happy Land School District</i></p>
   <!--END - Top Section header message -->

   <!--Bootstrap container - form  -->
   <div class="container mt-4">
     <form @submit.prevent>
       <!-- SELECT DATE  -->
       <div class="form-group">
         <h3>Today's Date</h3>
         <input v-model="dateInput" type="date" class="form-control custom-select" required>

       <!-- SELECT GRADE  -->
         <select v-model="gradeInput" class="form-control custom-select" placeholder="x" required>
           <option value="" selected disabled>select your grade</option>
           <option value="First grade">1st Grade </option>
           <option value="Second grade">2nd Grade </option>
           <option value="Third grade">3rd Grade </option>
           <option value="Fourth grade">4th Grade </option>
           <option value="Fifth grade">5th Grade </option>
           <option value="Six grade">MS-6th Grade</option>
           <option value="Seventh grade">MS-7th Grade</option>
           <option value="Eigth grade">MS-8th Grade</option>
           <option value="Ninth grade">HS-Freshman</option>
           <option value="Tenth grade">HS-Sophmore</option>
           <option value="Elventh grade">HS-Junior </option>
           <option value="Twelth grade">HS-Senior</option>

       <div class="form-group">
         <table class="table table-striped">
               <th>Lesson Rating &#x2B50;&#x2B50;&#x2B50;&#x2B50;&#x2B50;</th>
           <!-- SELECT  ENGLISH - RATING -->
             <tr class="english">
               <td class="align-middle"><h5>English</h5></td>
                <star-rating @rating-selected="englishRateInput = $event" :rating="englishRateInput">                     </star-rating>
             <!-- SELECT  MATH - RATING -->
             <tr class="math">
               <td class="align-middle"><h5>Math</h5></td>
                 <star-rating @rating-selected="mathRateInput = $event" :rating="mathRateInput">
             <!-- SELECT  SCIENCE - RATING -->
             <tr class="science">
               <td class="align-middle"><h5>Science</h5></td>
                 <star-rating @rating-selected="scienceRateInput = $event" :rating="scienceRateInput">                    </star-rating>
             <!-- SELECT  DESIGN - RATING -->
             <tr class="design">
               <td class="align-middle"><h5>Instructional Design</h5></td>
                 <star-rating @rating-selected="designRateInput = $event" :rating="designRateInput">                      </star-rating>
         <!-- SELECT FEELING RATING  -->
           <p class="mb-0">
             <h4><i>How was your day today?</i></h4>
           1 &#x2B50; Not so good --> 5 &#x2B50; Amazing!
                 <star-rating @rating-selected="feelingRateInput = $event" :rating="feelingRateInput">                    </star-rating>

         <!-- SUBMIT BUTTON -->
         <td><button :disabled="btnDisable" @click="submitData" class="btn btn-info">SUBMIT</button></td>
     <div class="alert alert-success">
       <p><h4><b>Here is what you told us:</b></h4></p>
       <p>Submitted: <b>{{ reviewDate }}</b></p>
         <dl class="row">
         <dt class="col-sm-5">Grade Level:</dt>
         <dd class="col-sm-7">{{ reviewGrade }}</dd>
         <dl class="row"></dl>
         <dt class="col-sm-5">English Lesson:</dt>
         <dd class="col-sm-7">{{ reviewEnglishRate }} &#x2B50;</dd>
         <dl class="row"></dl>
         <dt class="col-sm-5">Math Lesson:</dt>
         <dd class="col-sm-7">{{ reviewMathRate }} &#x2B50;</dd>
         <dl class="row"></dl>
         <dt class="col-sm-5">Science Lesson:</dt>
         <dd class="col-sm-7"> {{ reviewScienceRate }} &#x2B50;</dd>
         <dt class="col-sm-5">Instrucional Design Lesson:</dt>
         <dd class="col-sm-7"> {{ reviewDesignRate }} &#x2B50;</dd>

 <!-- END FORM  -->

 <!-- IMAGE - THANK YOU -->
 <img src="" class="responsive" alt="Thank you!">


 <!-- The core Firebase JS SDK is always required and must be listed first -->
 <script src=""></script>

 <!-- Add SDKs for Firebase Firestore-->
 <script src=""></script>

   // Your web app's Firebase configuration
   const firebaseConfig = {
     apiKey: "AIzaSyCwAr28kKVDxdOXeKekO4VmjdpV7YzIXdg",
     authDomain: "",
     databaseURL: "",
     projectId: "jmclozano-d56b9",
     storageBucket: "",
     messagingSenderId: "882657097571",
     appId: "1:882657097571:web:4b52f057f06f653b978556",
     measurementId: "G-STV25E3SMG"
   // Initialize Firebase


                .responsive {
  width: 100%;
  height: auto;
body {
  font-family: 'Raleway', sans-serif;

td {class="align-middle"}



                let db = firebase.firestore();
let reviewsRef = db.collection("reviews");

let app = new Vue({
  el: "#app",
  data: {
    dateInput: "",
    gradeInput: "",
    englishRateInput: "",
    mathRateInput: "",
    reviewDate: "",
    reviewGrade: "",
    reviewEnglishRate: "",
    reviewMathRate: "",
    reviewScienceRate: "",
    btnDisable: false //when changed to true button is disabled
  methods: {
    submitData() {
      var id = reviewsRef.doc().id
        date: this.dateInput,
        grade: this.gradeInput,
        english: this.englishRateInput,
        math: this.mathRateInput,
        science: this.scienceRateInput,
        design: this.designRateInput,
        feeling: this.feelingRateInput,
        this.dateInput = "",
        this.gradeInput = "",
        this.englishRateInput = "",
        this.mathRateInput = "",
        this.scienceRateInput = "",
        this.designRateInput ="",
        this.feelingRateInput ="",
        this.btnDisable = true
      reviewsRef.doc(id).get().then(doc => {
        this.reviewDate = 
        this.reviewGrade =
        this.reviewEnglishRate =
        this.reviewMathRate =
        this.reviewScienceRate =
        this.reviewDesignRate =