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No JS, no images. Compatible Chrome / Safari / Opera / Firefox :)


  1. Wow.. Really impressive !

  2. this is so awesome

  3. Like I said on the last "JS in pure CSS"-Pen: YOU ARE CRAZY! :D

  4. This is really impressive :D

  5. Wow - this one blows every other version of this I have seen out of the water!

  6. Hard to believe that JS isn't involved here

  7. Way to go Jonathan!

  8. That's crazy CSS!

  9. This is insane. Was it actually fun to make? Do you have any hair left, or did you pull it all out? Great job. We are hoping for a tool to arrive before we ever have to write CSS like this...

  10. @nouveau : Haha, thanks ! And sorry but... yes, it was fun :)

  11. Wow, that is just badazzzzzz. Great job!

  12. Marry me !!

  13. you're my css hero lol!!!

  14. Is there a specific reason why this doesn't work in Firefox?

  15. Wow crazy! Haha nice work man :)

  16. Thats insane! Keep it up dude

  17. vorillaz @TheodoreVorillas on

    Dafuq dude? You blew up my mind

  18. very Impresive ! :) respect

  19. Thanks all ! :) For your information, I'm trying to optimize this code for Opera, Firefox, etc. (and I will add in a few days an other feature, but it will be a surprise xD)

    PS : It's now compatible all browsers except IE... of course ;)

  20. Holy batshit, we now have player controls !

  21. No idea what I'd ever use this for, but this is just amazing! The web has come a long way!

  22. You're crazy !! And I know what I'm saying. I did this iphone and it took me time... so full-CSS. Bravo !!

  23. Master this pens is awesome!!

  24. Awesome!

  25. this's imporssible

  26. I can't understand that why we have to write so many codes to make an effect like this in this technology age .. when we will be able to do an 3d effect with simple short code .. Really i wonder ..

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