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  1. Hola Javier Muy buena tu reconstrucción. Congrats. Sobre lo que preguntas: Puedes ver una forma sencilla de lograr los "quesitos" o gráficos circulares con puro css aquí:

    Sobre el gráfico lineal creo que sería sencillo de conseguir con elementos anidados, cada uno con su longitud correspondiente y transform: rotate() Nunca me lo había planteado, así que gracias por "picarme la curiosidad". Lo intentaré. Si quieres estate atento a mi blog ;-)

    Un saludo

  2. @Kseso, muchísimas gracias :).

    Echaré un ojo a lo que dices y un buen vistazo a tu blog. Muchas gracias por la información y por el feedback.

    Un saludo!

  3. Hey Javier, to get rid of the flash add a null transform on the element or a parent to give the element its own backing surface, like: -webkit-transform: translateZ(0);

  4. Wow! @noahblon, thanks a lot! Really! :)

  5. Quizás este gráfico linear te pueda servir como base:

    Si tienes dificultad con el linear, dímelo

  6. its cool man ,. ano where you get the icons it , what it's all you create own ??

    thanks :D regards

  7. Thanks @fikiwan :).

    The icons I usually use in Codepen, I get them from: It is a free & open source icon fonts hosting service (like Google Web Fonts, but icon fonts only). You have a tutorial in the same web site that it is quite easy to understand ;).

    However, this time I found some font-icons there were not in "welovefonts", so I downloaded them from Another free and open source font-icons website. But in this case I have downloaded the weather icons I needed and hosted them in my website. You can see the details at the begining of my CSS ;)

  8. oh thank you very much @jlalovi ,,,,, its will very helping me :D

  9. Its really n awesome work man.. I am taking it for my project,with bit of changes to suit my project.. Hope you don't mind... Thanks and keep coming with these miracles.

  10. Thanks @shailarya :)

    No worries, I'm happy it is useful for you. I guess I will come back here to publish some more projects ;)


  11. love this ;)

  12. Great 😍

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