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Make Ken walk / punch / kick / jump / etc. with your keyboard. I assigned portions of png sprites to css class names, then added some css animations in it and finally used simple JS events to add / remove them on Ken.


  1. Waw. Reminds me my childhood. :)

  2. How difficult would hit detection be in JS? ;-)

  3. Awesome! Great job! I love how the Hadoken goes all the way across the browser window!

  4. Thank you guys. There is already a hit detection :) the fireball detects the end of the screen.

  5. Oh I love this so much. I played Street Fighter II (SNES) with my friends on New Year's Eve all day long :D

  6. Argh I just want to play this all day now. Even without audio I feel like I can actually hear him saying "Hadoken!" Oh man, I'm bringing in my SEGA Genesis to work.

  7. lol I made a private demo with sound effects, background music and a better collisions detection. It renders wonderful but I don't want to have problems with Capcom :)

  8. Haha! That's awesome!

  9. Just... wow. Amazing work!

  10. Cool. Common HTML5 bug, though: needs e.stopPropagation() and e.preventDefault() for keydown events on any keycode you care about. As is, it bubbles your keys to the browser, where things like typeahead find grab focus. =(

  11. Very Nice WORK ! BONNE CONTINUATION ! ;)

  12. Very cool stuff, great work man!

  13. @Ilia thanks but u know what? your clock rocks!

  14. bravo bravo bravo!!

  15. I'm a girl but I used to play street fighter too as a kid and I loved it and this is just FANTASTIC! bravo!

  16. Can you help me add the attack animations to my game? Here's the link to it - http://codepen.io/TristanGames/pen/MajPJG

  17. awesome stuff!!

  18. holly macaroni

  19. "Now I must defeat the world's greatest fight-fighters. Take me to the Soviet Union!" --Rumble McSkirmish

    I kinda though you could turn in the other direction in the game.. Also, a little bit of flexboxing will allow you to center the game to the screen.

    BTW, I would really like to smash up the car.

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