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This cat is loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong. Make her even longer by scrolling down! This concept is based on endless.horse. Plus, I included an achievement system for reaching certain lengths, and a banner will slide down from the top after each achievement.

Body Length Achievement
1000px Looooong
2000px Loooooooooong
5280px The Mile Stone
10000px Leviacat
15000px Catzilla
20000px Piercing the Clouds
25000px Catching the White Dots
35000px Catching Poptart Cats
99999px To Felinity and Beyond!


  • 2/15/17: Fixed gradient transparency issues in Safari, added wagging animation to tail
  • 2/22/17: Added length counter to better inform user about Longcat’s current length
  • 1/13/18: A recent Sass update broke a part of the code for the cat eye directions. Got it working again.


  1. This is so cool! Now, how to make it purr?

  2. SUPER CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. It's cool! Maybe animation for the tail?

  5. @iiRosie1 I just added it now. 😊

  6. Consider a linear gradient background to give the user some indication of how fast/slow their scrolling is going.

  7. so funny! nice!

  8. haha... this is also amazing... just as a heads up I noticed that the length kept bigger even if I scrolled back up longcat... Was using a mousewheel and on Vivaldi browser if it's of any help.

  9. what a magic tail, bro

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