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                <div class="oj-flex oj-margin">
  <!-- ko foreach: {data: employees, as: 'emp'} -->
  <div data-bind="ojModule: { name: 'XKNNPw',
                  params: {
                      employee: emp,
                      onselect: $parent.selectEmployee
                  } }" class="employee">
  <!-- /ko -->
<div class="oj-margin">
  <h2>Selected data</h2>
  <pre data-bind="text: ko.toJSON(selectedEmployee, null, 2)"></pre>


                // Alta CSS included through settings
.employee {
  cursor: pointer;


                // require configuration imported from
], function(ko, oj) {
  'use strict';

  // The following overrides are necessary to load a
  // module from a codepen. These overrides are defined
  // at
  // relative path for modelPath because leading '/'
  //caused require to drop the .js suffix
  oj.ModuleBinding.defaults.modelPath = '../../jimj/pen/';
  oj.ModuleBinding.defaults.viewPath =

  // data
  var employees = [{
    id: 100,
    name: "Cordell Walker"
  }, {
    id: 101,
    name: "James Trivette"
  }, {
    id: 102,
    name: "Alexandra Cahill Walker"
  }, {
    id: 103,
    name: "'Big Dog' CD Parker"
  }, {
    id: 104,
    name: "Sydney Cooke"
  }, {
    id: 105,
    name: "Raymond Firewalker"
  }, {
    id: 106,
    name: "Francis Gage"
  }, {
    id: 107,
    name: "Trent Malloy"
  }, {
    id: 108,
    name: "Carlos Sandoval"
  } ];

  var ViewModel = function() {
    var self = this;

    self.employees = employees;
    self.selectedEmployee = ko.observable({});
    self.selectEmployee = function(employee) {
  ko.applyBindings(new ViewModel());
  window.ko = ko;