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I wanted to test out the new Projects Beta on Codepen, so I decided to port over one of my old Ludum Dare games. I had to make a few minor changes in order for it to run neatly in Codepen, but otherwise I left it in its original state.

What is This?

"Impulse" was my entry for the Ludum Dare 35 game jam. You can find my official entry page on the Ludum Dare website, along with how I ranked compared to other games.

The game itself isn't really that interesting (e.g. "maze" generation is really simple, timer is pointless, input is kind of annoying, etc), but it should be a good test of loading many internal/external files in a Codepen Project. My daughter (4yo) really enjoys playing it though; she calls it my "shapes game". I was also pretty happy with how the music turned out with such a tight deadline.

Note: Just to reiterate, this was a game jam game. That means it was created in a rush with no pre-planning. As such, it is rife with shortcuts, bad practices, hacks, and just bad ideas.

What is Ludum Dare?

Ludum Dare is a popular game jam that happens 3 times a year. Participants all over the world create a game from scratch in a single weekend and enter either the "compo" or "jam" competitions.

The "compo" lasts 48 hours, does not allow teamwork, and has tight restrictions on outside assets (even if they're public domain). The "jam" lasts 72 hours, allows you to partner up with friends, and allows limited use of outside assets.

After everyone submits their games, there is a judging/voting period where participants play each other's games. There are no prizes--just bragging rights and fun.

You can read more about it on the Ludum Dare webpage.

What is a "Game Jam"?

A game jam is like a hackathon, but focused around making a game (usually from scratch) in a limited time. Game jams usually provide a theme to focus development and inspire creativity. Each game jam varies greatly in duration, specific rules, and purpose.

I highly recommend game jams as an opportunity to break out of your routine and force yourself to create something unique. I always learn a great deal--even if I'm not happy with the final product I create. Game jams always leave me feeling rejuvenated with fresh creative energy.


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