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This is my first attempt to utilize my newfound understanding of Delaunay Triangulation in order to create something visually appealing and somewhat practical.

The idea is that this could be used as a background for a banner or heading area.

Post Mortem

The performance really suffers from using SVG along with blend modes. Perhaps I should spend some time exploring performance optimizations. If you have any ideas in particular, let me know.

I think the main performance issue is most certainly the time spent solving the Delaunay Triangulation. In a practical implementation, I would probably prepare 3-4 sets of points/triangles and shuffle randomly between them rather than recalculating the triangles for every transition.

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    Great stuff! Super appealing visually and nice of you to share links for further exploration! Haven't seen the stats.js before either. Awesome resource! Thanks Chris! Thanks Mr Doob!

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