"" method="post" name="revue-form" target="_blank")
  h1.m-0.mb-2.text-3xl Delivery! 📦
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    .whimsy-form__group.flex-grow.mb-6(class="lg:mb-0") Email address
      input.p-4.rounded-md.w-full.border-white.border-2.text-black(type="email", required="true" data-lpignore="true" placeholder="Email address")
    .whimsy-form__actions"submit", value="Subscribe" class="hover:bg-gray-700 lg:ml-4")
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  box-sizing border-box

  --red hsl(10, 80%, 80%)
  --orange hsl(35, 80%, 80%)
  --yellow hsl(45, 80%, 80%)
  --green hsl(85, 80%, 80%)
  --blue hsl(215, 80%, 80%)
  --indigo hsl(285, 80%, 80%)
  --violet hsl(320, 80%, 80%)
  min-height 100vh
  display grid
  place-items center
  background linear-gradient(65deg, var(--red), var(--orange), var(--yellow), var(--green), var(--blue), var(--indigo), var(--violet))
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