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A simple table having its header fixed on scroll with JQuery.

This Pen is a fork, but the parent Pen has been deleted.


  1. super table. thanx. I am use it.

  2. Hello! I love this Table with Fixed Header! I put a Header on the TOP of a page, with a 'ul' and 'li's in it, that have dropdown-on-hover features. The dropped-down 'ul' from the header 'li' gets put UNDERNEATH this fixed-header though. Do you know how the dropped-down 'ul' from the header on the site can stay ON TOP OF the the fixed header of this code that you so beautifully put together?

    Thanks! -Eric-

  3. It's very good but it doesn't work correctly if the table is wider then the screen, in this case if you scroll right and then down, the head of the table gets misplaced.

  4. Hello!

    You can help me? I am brazilian, my english not is very good, but i will try talk to you.

    I need a code seems this. but the scroll inside table.


    I need the heade fixed, but inside the table.

    You can help me?


  5. Great example! I tweaked it a bit to get it working for me and it was a huge time saver to achieve this on my project! :) So thanks.

  6. Legend! This is just what I was looking for. Been trying to do this for days and haven't found a good example.


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