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abomination of the checkbox hack all over the place. makes a fake select menu using a checkbox toggle and radio inputs. I had an idea to do this and wanted to see how plausible it was.


  1. I wonder if you could apply the ✖ to the label:after and use the section:after to apply some kind of gray box to hide it. That way it might enable clicking on that guy.

  2. done! I applied z-index to the inputs because before/after get placed above the input so you can't click them. also added :active to the input and i wish i could populate the main label with attr(data) or something in css. =(

  3. Can this support multiple select?

  4. yeah. just use a checkbox instead of a radio input field. i haven't actually used this in production so i'd test it thoroughly

  5. Nice work, Tested and working ie10,firefox,chrome,ios6. Android unfortunately the drop down button does show or work. The struggle continues.

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