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  1. So rad! Have my follow, fellow-into-pixelart-guy!

    I did my fair share of css2pixelart too, really curious what did you use to generate this? (don't tell me it's hand written O.O but maybe I'm wrong? :D )

  2. Pretty cool! I spended some time dissecting your pen, trying to find a trick.

    You really did it by hand? Code? Magic?

    Tell us about it!

  3. @paulo-navarro Hello Paulo. This is a good question. It certainly wasn't magic! You have to consider just how many pixels in this pen animate. All in all, its not that many. There is a before and an after. The before is the entire scene as a static frame excluding any animated pixels. The after is the animation of 6 frames but only the animated pixels are drawn. i.e the fire and some highlighting on the helmet and face etc. The grey isnt drawn at all, because for that i just use a backdound color. Also take a look at another pen i released, https://codepen.io/jcoulterdesign/pen/oqPNXL

  4. A magician never reveals his tricks.

    but This one is TERRIFIC,

    Honestly how did you do it???

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