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Just trying to do some login animations. Buggy on Firefox, fine in Chrome. Still need to tidy up and Optimize


  1. This is so neat

  2. What he said ^

  3. Niiiice, good style and UX. Fan.

  4. Very beautiful. Love the animation, the colors, everything. However, I found a misspelling. On the last screen, it should be "Authentication", not "Authentification".

  5. @fishgraphics Changed :) Thanks

  6. To put it simple: WOW ;)

  7. 20 out of 10 on coolness.

  8. best login form ive seen

  9. Very beautiful!

    Critique: Perhaps adjust the contrast on those small fonts for the "forgotten password" and the lorem ipsum blurb so they're a bit easier to read against the background? :)

  10. is it open source?

  11. it's awesome!

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