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Explore the planets and moons of our solar system in pure CSS. Not a single line of JS used throughout, only images are planet textures taken from royalty free sites. Information about planets taken from space.com.

This works on opera but is super jerky, Firefox has some issues with z-index. Mobile....no


  1. Wow this is so awesome!

  2. Amazing work!

  3. This is excellent, great job!

  4. Amazing. Now make it responsive :D

  5. Great work. As a note, it's Io not Lo

  6. Awesome Work !!!

  7. This is the greatest CSS focused (no JS) pen I've seen. Inspiring work my friend.

  8. wow , it's too cool

  9. Al amin @codeloverandguru on

    cool cool cool

  10. Wow, just wow! Totally impressed. Side note: I noticed Neptune just has Lorem ipsum in the brief description. But who am I to complain. Well done.

  11. I could do this in 10 min.

  12. @alexduqeb Hehe. Demo or it didn't happen.

  13. @jcoulterdesign just kidding, great creative work bro. I said 10min ? I mean 10 days

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