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Another pure CSS UI Piece here using radio buttons for the active states


  1. I like those transitions with the icons, very smooth

  2. Great work. How did you do this with pure CSS?

  3. and what is exactly HAML?

  4. Outstanding work!

  5. Very cool work! Curious if there's a way to make the .app sit at the top of the parent div instead of vertically centered? Also, having trouble clicking items in mobile. Thoughts?

  6. @ThePixelPixie Hey Laura. If i'm understanding you correctly, to stop the .app from centering vertically, you would just need to change the top value to 0 and remove the Y translation on .app and the intro animation. Something like this? https://codepen.io/jcoulterdesign/pen/5f3446bf80447a4c3ab81b21be577844/

    As for not being able to click on mobile, that is strange. I don't this uses anything that would cause issues. Can i ask what mobile browser you are using?

    Thanks for looking :)

  7. Love it!

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