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         * Function to dynamically insert menu items into the Canvas left column
         * navigation area.
         * @param string linkText
         *    The text that will be visible
         * @param string linkHref
         *    The URL that the link should point to. Note, that if this link is 
         *    intended to trigger a modal window, this paramter will be ignored.
         *    You can't have a modal triggerd by an actual URL.
         * @param string icon
         *    A valid icon name from the Canvas icon font.
         *    @see
         * @param string image
         *    A valid HTML fragment representing an image or SVG icon.
         *    These should be sized around 50x35.
         * @param bool newWindow
         *    True or false, should this link open in a new window.
         *    Note, that if this link should be a modal, this parameter will
         *    be ignored.
         * @param bool isModal
         *    True or false, should this link trigger a modal dialog.
         *    Note that we are relying the jQuery UI Dialog provided by Canvas.
         *    You will need to provide styling in your CSS to match your brand.
         *    @see
         * @param string modalContent
         *    This content for the modal dialog. This should be valid HTML.
         * @param object modalOptions
         *    An object of options that are available to the jQuery UI Dialog.
         *    @see

        function ccAddMenuItem (linkText, linkHref, icon, image, newWindow, isModal, modalContent, modalOptions) {
              var iconHtml = '',
              linkId = linkText.split(' ').join('_'), // Generate the tail end of a unique ID for the element
              modalContentId = 'cc-modal-'+linkId, // generate an ID for the modal content
              menuLinkOpen, // Holds the markup that will go in the menu
              linkHref = isModal ? '#' : linkHref, // If this is going to be a modal, it can't link to a page
              modalOptions = modalOptions ? modalOptions : {}, // Check for modalOptions so we can merge them with defaults
              imageSrc = !image ? false : true;

              // If we are opening this in a new window, and it's not a modal
              // our link has to have target="_blank"
              if(newWindow && !isModal){
                menuLinkOpen = ' <a id="global_nav_' + linkId + '" href="' + linkHref + '" class="ic-app-header__menu-list-link" target="_blank">';
              } else{
                menuLinkOpen = ' <a id="global_nav_' + linkId + '" href="' + linkHref + '" class="ic-app-header__menu-list-link">';

              // If icon and image are supplied don't use either, we shouldn't make the decision.
              // The caller should be smart enough not to pass both.
              if (icon !== '' && !imageSrc) {
                iconHtml = '<i class="' + icon + ' cc-icon"></i> ';
              if(imageSrc !== false && icon == ''){
                iconHtml = '<span class="cc-menu-image">' + image + '</span>';
              itemHtml = '<li class="ic-app-header__menu-list-item">' +
                              menuLinkOpen +
                              iconHtml + '<div class="menu-item__text">' + linkText + '</div>' +
                            ' </a>' +
              // If our menu item made it, and we are adding modal support
              // trigger modal support
              if(isModal && $('#global_nav_'+linkId).length){
                var modalDefaults = {
                    'title'     : 'Menu',
                    'resizable' : false,
                    'width'     : 400
                var modalSettings = $.extend({},modalDefaults,modalOptions);
                // Wrapp the content we received into a correctly styled and ID div
                var modalDiv = '<div id="' + modalContentId + '" style="display:none;" class="cc-help-dialog">' + modalContent + '</div>';

        function ccAddLibraryLinks(){
             var libraryHelpMenu = ' <ul class="cc-help-dialog-options">'+
            '    <li><a href="" target="_blank"><span class="name ellipsis text">Research databases</span></a></li>' +
            '    <li><a href="" target="_blank"><span class="name ellipsis text">Find books and eBooks</span></a></li>' +
            '    <li><a href="" target="_blank"><span class="name ellipsis text">Ask a librarian</span></a></li>' +
            '    <li><a href="" target="_blank"><span class="name ellipsis text">Get citation help</span></a></li>' +
            '    <li><a href="" target="_blank"><span class="name ellipsis text">Library website</span></a></li>' +
            ' </ul>';

            var modalOptions = {
                'title'     : 'Library Resources',
                'resizable' : false,
                'width'     : 400

            var svgIcon = '<svg version="1.1" id="Layer_1" xmlns="" xmlns:xlink="" width="45px" height="30px" x="0px" y="0px" viewBox="179.2 189.3 389.4 358.5" enable-background="new 179.2 189.3 389.4 358.5" xml:space="preserve"><path fill="#FFFFFF" d="M247.4,189.3c81.6,19.2,118.7,81.2,118.7,81.2v277.2c-41.7-59.9-118.7-84.3-118.7-84.3V461C247.4,461,247.5,189,247.4,189.3z"></path><path fill="#FFFFFF" d="M260.1,530.2c0,0-34.6-17.5-80.8-10.3V247.6h11.4v258.8C190.6,506.2,240.4,505.7,260.1,530.2z"></path><path fill="#FFFFFF" d="M306.8,521.3L306.8,521.3c-18-25.7-75-45.7-75-45.7V219.9l-23.6-9.2V489c0,0,24.3,3,36.4,6.4C286.5,507.2,306.8,521.3,306.8,521.3z"></path><path fill="#FFFFFF" d="M500.5,189.3c-81,25.2-118.7,81.2-118.7,81.2v277.2c41.7-59.9,118.7-84.3,118.7-84.3S500.5,190,500.5,189.3z"></path><path fill="#FFFFFF" d="M487.9,530.2c0,0,34.6-17.5,80.8-10.3V247.6h-11.4v258.8C557.3,506.2,507.6,505.7,487.9,530.2z"></path><path fill="#FFFFFF" d="M441.1,521.3L441.1,521.3c18-25.7,75-45.7,75-45.7V219.9l23.6-9.2V489c0,0-24.3,3-36.4,6.4C461.4,507.2,441.1,521.3,441.1,521.3z"></path></svg>';