As my first post on codepen, I want to write a little about the constrution of a menu. Especially a menu on one page.

My latest menu since 22-05-2015
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In the menu above, I have used the aside-tag to declare it's the sidebar.
Within the sidebar, are the three icon who represent a hyperlink to the relative page.
Most of the menus are interactive using javascript, but, with some complicated markup, you can create a menu too.

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As you can see, the icons are located on the right, because that's where the user is going to look faster at. On the left, or middle, you can see the page itself. That's the place where the "big" texts are located. That's because that's less important at the moment.
The most important thing is, that the user can find the way inside your site, or more specific: your menu.

I hope you've learned something...

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