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A small function in response to Taylor Hunt's blog post "Optimizing svgs in data uris"* allowing you to skip base64 encoding and simply paste the SVG markup right in the CSS.


– auto-add missing namespace

– charset=utf8 removed from output


  1. Awesome! Thanks for this.

  2. Update! The first version had a problem with Sass throwing "SystemStackError: stack level too deep" when encoding large SVG's – this version chunks up the SVG encoding and now it seems to be fine... Let me know if you encounter problems :-)

    (notify @noahblon)

  3. Thanks @jakob-e for this really great tool :)

    One question though: Is the " ;charset=utf8 " part really needed - because in https://codepen.io/tigt/post/optimizing-svgs-in-data-uris Taylor Hunt writes that the browser should use the character set of the containing document without it instead?

  4. @PascalReintjens

    I'll have to look into if a document charset overrides a charset defined on the URI.

    • If it does – keeping it makes no sense
    • If not – I prefer to keep it in

    I doubt charset will matter in 99% of all cases but when you encounter the one that does – having it could save you a lot of time figuring out why-not-work.

    Thanks :-)

  5. in old_svg-url, % should also be urlEncoded as %25

  6. @matze

    I would not recommend you to use the non-loop version (the stack level problem has only been fixed in LibSass – Ruby could fail).

    I'm not sure encoding is needed on % see this example (works without in Chrome, Opera, Safari and Firefox – not tested in IE ). Do you have an example on a SVG that fails?... it could be a problem with something else.

  7. @PascalReintjens did some more tests... and removed charset from output

  8. @jakeob-e Yeah that demo doesn't work in IE. I tested in edge and your version didn't work whereas this forked version that also replaces % worked: https://codepen.io/matze/pen/wzBEVd?editors=0100

  9. @matze Thanks – herby added :-)

    Seems like IE11 needs to encode { and } too

  10. Thanks @jakob-e for the notification :)

    For me the online version still outputs charset=utf8 - is that a fault or did you revert the change?

  11. @PascalReintjens

    My bad – I was adding some extra replacements and it slipped back – Thanks :-)

  12. Hi @jakob-e, this is one of the most ingenious Sass mixins I've seen and been using it for quite some time.

    I was able to use a simplified approach for the same result, using built-in Sass functions: http://www.sassmeister.com/gist/indrekpaas/4d6dfa5c29da805219d4149352c4703b. Although it's missing the namespace checking, it could be added with str-insert function.

    Performance, however, doesn't compare with large SVGs -- a 12,372B image compiles 4s on average as opposed to sub-second speeds with your approach. Difference is less evident with smaller SVGs.

    Did you encountered any performance issues with your mixin and if so, how did you address these?


  13. @indrekpaas

    Encoding larger files ~2200+ characters caused an error "stack level too deep" due to the large number of str-replace recursions. The problem is we have no offset on str-index to help minimize this – why I ended up with the "chunk" solution. I also made attempts using maps – but it seemed less performant (newer compilers could have changed this – haven't tested)

    Here is an example – encoding 61,400 characters Sassmeister or CodePen IMO it performs within what is to be expected :-)

    Any optimizations are more than welcome – (just make it work on ruby 3.4.21 +)

    Thanks :-)

  14. @jakob-e Can you also tell, why are you encoding a single & among other reserved characters? Cheers!

  15. @indrekpaas

    Old habit I guess. Actually I can't think of a case where it makes sense in a background-image context – as you can't use external image references etc. that could hold a query string in the xlink:href. I'm moving it to the maybe section – should a future case require it back. Thanks for pointing it out :-)

    Off-topic: If you are not familiar with SVGOMG I recommend you to give it a try.

  16. thank you!

  17. This is awesome – on having problems with linebreaks in the XML, I also recommend adding

     $chunk: str-replace($chunk,"\A", "");

    to replace those. Fixed IE errors. Note the \A char for linebreaks; that's not very good documented, found it via How I made a Sass debug function

  18. This just saved my bacon on a project, thanks!

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