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  1. Wow brother, you've really been killing it! This is pretty awesome!

  2. @poopsplat ha, thanks dude. i made this thing almost a year ago. not sure how it popped up on picks.

  3. @jakealbaugh - haha! funny how things resurface!

  4. Rad technique. I'm enjoying the .sass too. So much more readable with out the semis and braces.

  5. I tweeted it out and Chris saw it so I'm to blame I guess you could say ;)

  6. Very nice, but i have a advice: instead of using href="#" to go back, try to use href="javascript:history.back()".

    This will:

    • go back on the browser history instead of going to another link.
    • allow mobile users to use the back button properly
    • will stay on the current position of the page, instead of going to the top (unless it was previously on an anchor)

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