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Converting SVG polygons and polylines to paths as described in Andy Taylor's gist. This provides allows you to use .getTotalLength() and .getPointAtLength(x). thanks for the heads up, @AmeliaBR and @SaraSoueidan


  1. I kind of wince at doing this with RegEx instead of parsing the markup and using DOM methods. But, it gets the job done, and faster than cut & paste!

  2. @AmeliaBR I could just do that too. Even better. I'll make one.

  3. Nice. But I hate to break it to you, outerHTML breaks on SVG elements in Edge. It used to break in Firefox as well, was surprised that it worked. Might be time to ask the Edge folks to support inner/outerHTML on SVG elements, if all the other browsers support it (even if it's not in any spec yet).

  4. Jake, is it possible to reverse this and have a Path to Polyline converter?

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