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Click anywhere to launch fireworks. Click and drag to fire multiple fireworks. Settings can be adjusted in the top right. Be sure to try the presets. If things are running slow, try reducing reduce the partCount setting.

I recommend a full window size to work with the controls easier.


  1. Love it!

  2. Waw, that's really impressive ! I love it. :P

  3. this is awesome :)

  4. awesome! you should totally turn this into missile command!

  5. This is incredible, and I was thinking the same thing as James!

  6. You created a video game : handsome !

  7. This is too awesome. Left me playing for 2 hours :D

  8. Convert it to Phaser please! :P

  9. How can i remove Control panel?

  10. @love-kaushik Comment out lines 399-566 and 570-603. And also, you can remove the dat.gui.min.js script from the JS setting panel.

  11. Thank you very much.

  12. Jay @TheProgrammer1 on

    Hi, I can't get the JavaScript to work. where do i put it? in an external .js file and than link it or do i put it in the header of the html document?


  13. @TheProgrammer1 Hey, both of those methods should work. However, to make sure that all scripts are interacting properly, it would probably be best for you to click the Export button on the pen edit page, and then click Download .zip. That will give you a reference of how the HTML, CSS, external JS, and local JS is all working and pieced together.

  14. Jay @TheProgrammer1 on

    I got it to work! thanks! This script is awesome :)

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