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This was inspired by the Dribbble shot to the left of the canvas by Ramiro Galan, which can be found here:

Some browsers still won't fully clear a canvas all the way with the destination-out globalCompositeOperation, anyone know a work around?


  1. It looks like that you made the dribbble shot yourself, cool!

  2. When I saw this shot on Dribbble, I definitly wanted to do it, and then remembered I don't know canvas. :D Glad you did it, cause it's as awesome as the Dribbble shot !

  3. i love it man, i'll start making some of these things for fun, you are a hero :)

  4. gorgeous. just gorgeous.

  5. Absolutely marvelous!

  6. Nice one Jack! I was also experimenting a log with destination-out to fade the canvas, it always leaves a trail, I guess it's due to the alpha 8-bit rounding.

  7. Wow amazing, well done!

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