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Click and drag anywhere on the screen to create new trails. Also, be sure to check v2: http://codepen.io/jackrugile/pen/aCzHs


  1. This is so cool, I love it. Both colorful and playful, nice work ! :)

  2. Looks fantastic!

  3. Good stuff man :)

  4. This is my favorite pen to date!

    Except I have terrible motion sickness after watching this for a few minutes :(

  5. This is über awesome!

  6. Wow...Awesome....Extraordinary.....Super......Great.......

  7. The trailing light effect is just... o_O

  8. Awesome.. Good Job

  9. Beautiful, love it

  10. Looks awesome!! very nice

  11. This is cool! Great Job ... Version 2 is even more awesome!

  12. I am listening to Pandora and watching the code. What a great use of CSS. Great job!

  13. Avi @Pokemoneonduo2 on

    Loved it! This is great. How do you do it?!

  14. I love the way you made the trails, such a brilliant and innovative technique.

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