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  1. Ready to be picked!

  2. ...woah. :) Nicely done!

  3. I'm not a fan of canvas... but this simply looks amazing

  4. wow! good job

  5. This is too cool.

  6. Kick ass like always! Heh reminds me of a fancy Scorched Earth, looks really nice!

  7. I keep trying to comment on this, and then I get lost staring at it. Amazing work man!

  8. Thanks, you guys ;)

    @loktar00 Thanks! Wow, can't believe I have never played Scorched Earth. Just checked out some gameplay videos and I can definitely see what you mean.

  9. This is mesmerizing. Excellent pen!

  10. This pen is just genius :D

  11. Now that is what I'm talkin' about... That is off the chains!

  12. wow really beautiful

  13. Beyond totally bitchen.

  14. too cool for school, wow!

  15. nice job

  16. Jack, I follow you on Twitter and have been a codepen fan for a long time.

    How did you get this good?

  17. @WriterState Thanks, Jon! So glad you enjoy my work :)

  18. That is super amazing!!!

  19. How would you change code to have an svg shape outline like an anvil instead of the circle? Could you call in a simple .svg file or use inline code for it? The colorful "rain" would look so awesome bouncing off a recognizable shape. Anyone have an idea on how to do this? Thanks!

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