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  1. what the... 😱👏👏👏👏👏

  2. You actually scare them. You added at least 50hrs of work to their pens.


    I'm glad I retired when I did.

  3. holy moly, cya on most hearted of 2019 💕

  4. You can't fool me, this is just a photo right? RIGHT?! 😰

    Amazing 👏

  5. Wow.... just wow... Amazing

  6. This is incredible.

  7. Wow. The reflections are impressive and seem to give a glimpse into a larger room. Great work, bravo!

  8. surprised-pikachu.png

  9. WOW - this is amazing

  10. I'm speechless.

  11. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ So good. Amazing job.

  12. This made me question my skills

  13. Wow. This is ridiculous... 😂

  14. This made me question my entire existence

  15. Wow, this is beyond incredible 😅

  16. Amazing work 🙏 🙇

  17. What! This is amazing 😍

  18. This is crazy. Amazing work 👏

  19. This will probably be in a museum in the future :O

  20. This is fkn nuts!! Your my hero!

  21. Man, this is an incredible work! Amazing!This is more than CSS, it's simply coding art.

  22. Craziest piece of CSS i've ever seen. Well done dude!

  23. Incredible!!! Who'd have thought 2 lemons and a glass of water could be so amazing!?

  24. wwwtff, this is insane!

  25. I can´t close my mouth, this is incredible!!! Congrats!!!

  26. Beautiful, amazing, stupendous :O

  27. Super impressive! Thanks for the inspiration!

  28. Wow. Really Impressive!

  29. Amazing! Unbelievable! Yeah!

  30. 2000 lines of css? It would be awesome to see a blogpost on the major techniques you used...at least the reflections. great job btw.

  31. Insane work. Well done man!

  32. Digital art, colored pencil, watercolor... pure css o_o

  33. This is simply beautiful. Masterful work. Great job. This was featured on Codrops btw, if you don't know already.

  34. Top notch, dude! absolutely marvellous.

  35. Dude, DUDE, this is amazing...but WHY? xD This is without a doubt the best ccs-trick ever

  36. Amazing, didn't think this was possible!

  37. DarthCadeus @darthcadeus-the-reactor on

    I can't even believe this is possible with CSS. When I saw the thumbnail I thought it had to be a photo.

  38. Artist & Great Work

  39. You have created a new field of Art; CSS art!

  40. Incredible...I thought my glass was pretty okee, but this....how did you do that, code on top of a photo or....

  41. oh my god !!! this is amazing <3

  42. You gotta be kidding me.

  43. Nice to see such a good work. Well done!

  44. What the actual...

  45. Wow! incredible. Ben Evans

  46. cool! new type of artist

  47. Wow... this is incredible. Amazing piece of work.

  48. Awesome stuff this is definitely next level CSS


    Your text to link here...

  49. It is amazing and maybe in 10-15 years there will be hardware capable of showing this kind of work like it's nothing special, but right now my slightly old hardware screames for mercy while viewing this pen. Unless it's Codepen that can't handle it...

  50. **Just amazing! ******

  51. This is crazy and awesome job!

  52. Great Work. Cheers....!!!

  53. When an artist becomes a programmer. Amazing

  54. Incredible~Maybe u can draw the Mona Lisa by CSS... someday I mean,hahaha...

  55. Why don't you spend the same amount of time on an oil painting OMG. That said, AMAZING

  56. This is absolutely incredible!!

  57. Wow, this is amazing.

  58. wow.great. i wonder how long it takes for you to create this ?

  59. This is just awesome. I cannot imagine the time that went into making this!

  60. What manner of sorcery is this?!

  61. What in the actual F***, this is crazyyyyyyyy!

  62. oooooooooooooooooooooh my god!

  63. Amazing...

  64. When dedication meets talent. Bravo. 🤯

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