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                <!-- hidden is a semantic attribute to hide elements -->
<!-- having a number input adds more security that the value will always be a number -->
<input id="js-imageSource-index" type="number" value="0" hidden/>
<!-- <button onclick="loopPoses()">Loop</button> -->
<!-- Adding js- is a great way to seprate js related ID's or classes  -->
<button id="js-slide-trigger">Loop</button>
<img id="js-slide" width="300" height="300" src=""/>





                // don't use global variables that are mutable this will make 
// code harder to comprehensive i.e. the code can go in multiple 
// directions if the value can be changed by anyone
// var i = 0;          // Start Point
var imageElem = document.getElementById('js-slide')
var triggerElem = document.getElementById("js-slide-trigger")
var ImagesIndexElem = document.getElementById('js-imageSource-index')
var imageSources = [

// This will tell javascript to wait
// don't worry about how it works if you aren't familiar with promises yet
// see: for more on Promises
// P.S. I just copy pasted this from google.
const wait = (amount = 0) => new Promise(resolve => setTimeout(resolve, amount));

async function slideShow(){
//   1. If you read this value outside function this will can be changed in 
//      view but javascript variable will not be changed so it will get stale
//   2. Cast the value to Number  
  /* 1 */
  const topIndex = /* 2 */ Number(ImagesIndexElem.value)
//  This will only work if index is below images length 
  if (topIndex < imageSources.length) {
    const imagesOfThisIndex = imageSources[topIndex]
    for (var middleIndex = 0; middleIndex < imagesOfThisIndex.length; middleIndex++) {
//       wait (in milliseconds)
      await wait(1000)
      imageElem.src = imagesOfThisIndex[middleIndex]
//     after slideshow is completed increase the topIndex
    ImagesIndexElem.value = topIndex + 1

triggerElem.addEventListener('click', slideShow)