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  <h3>Welcome to Quiz #1!</h3>
Relax and approach the questions carefully and logically, you'll do fine :) everything here you've already seen in uDemy.<br>
  <b>1] All # questions are separated by 10 blank lines of code in the JS section to the right.<br>2] There are 57 lines total<br>3] any code that needs to be uncommented will be indented</b>



                /* please minimize this section */
font-family: 'Chakra Petch', sans-serif;



                document.write('<hr>Question 1:<br>'); //ignore this line
// Question 1

// Use the console (press tab on bottom left of the CodePen screen) to find and fix simple errors of syntax in the following lines of code.

    // alert(Where are the stones?);

    // docunent.write("Find who you have to, the President, I don't care. Just bring me the stones. You have one hour.');

document.write('<hr>Question 2:<br>'); //ignore this line        
// Question 2
//In  this question you will ask the user for input, save that input as a variable, and output it to the html page below.

//2.1: Modify the command below to store the response as a variable with the name of your choice.

    //prompt("What is your favourite movie?")

//2.2: output the variable that stores the answer from the prompt above using document.write. The html page should display "My favourite movie is: " then the answer from 2.1. 
//[hint: check question 1 for the code to write to the html document]

document.write('<hr>Question 3:<br>');  //ignore this line     
// Question 3

// 3.1: first task is to check the following two variables and ensure that they have the right variable names and string values

    // var var = "Here is our class website";
    // var url = "htp://";

//3.2: second task is to output a link to the html section below using the two variables you have just checked in 3.1. keep in mind that you may have to update the code below if you made any changes to the variables in section 3.1