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Smooth, sleek, responsive and retina ready confetti animation effect. There are two types of confetti, the traditional pieces of ‘paper’ and a ribbon type that wiggles its way down the screen. The ribbon confetti uses a physics simulation for the motion while the paper confetti is animated using sine functions.


  1. Hey, don't want to seem like a jerk, but didn't this come from here: http://metervara.net/cover/1-Confetti/?

  2. Thanks for your comment. Yes of course. But it's smoother with higher CPU & Memory performance and multi device pixel ratio support and high-performance animation rendering based around the Animation Timing Interface.

  3. Is there anyway to stop it?

    I put the whole thing in a function to start it when I want but I can't find a way to stop it after execution.


  4. You can use below code to stop the animation:


    Warm Regards

  5. Thanks for your reply. I tried running cAF(confetti.interval); in firebug console while the animation is running but nothing is happening. I am getting "undefined" upon running cAF(confetti.interval);

  6. I also tried confetti.stop(); but nothing is happening either.

  7. Hi, is there any way to stop the confetti falling after a certain amount of time? I don't want to stop the animation - I want to, after a second or so, allow the final pieces of confetti to fall offscreen without generating any more.

  8. Not working with <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1" />

    Not working with z-index, it overrides every element on the web page, canvas has priority on other elements

    Please fix it! Thanks!

  9. Hi @iprodev , Is there any way to start the confetti from top of viewport, currently it just spreads on the whole screen and start falling.


  10. how can i trigger start and stop, Thanks

  11. you can stop by replacing the id of the canvas => document.getElementById('confetti').setAttribute('id', 'xxx');

  12. Hi, i have a problem with other my website. Namely, i write the code in many html files and the last html page it show me more little confetti. How can i fix it?

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