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Working CSS3 analog clock, using CSS animations and shapes, without any images or JavaScript.

This is now available on GitHub @ https://github.com/iliadraznin/CSS3clock


  1. This is awesome.

  2. This rocks man! You could have used Sass to simplify all the process :P

  3. So... how do you set it?

  4. Thanks guys :)

  5. How about using a tiny bit of js to set it?

  6. I might do it as a fork but the whole idea of this particular pen is no js :)

  7. Hi Ilia,

    Great job, you are right no needs at all of Js or other LESS... Just one remark from a stupid guy, how to set the correct time when using from Europe?


  8. Impressive job doing this with CSS only. I wouldn't have thought it possible until I saw this. A bit of javascript may be needed to set the clock. Also the digital display eventually diverges from the analog display.

  9. @iliadraznin - Genius! Love it.

  10. Very nice. Thanks for sticking it on Github. I'm pouring through it to try and get my head around this. I wanted to have a go at making a simple clock with CSS/JS and this goes way beyond my plans but is an amazing example. You should write something about how you've done it.

  11. This is so amazing ! great job ! i will try to check it everytime and build my own.

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