<h1>jsPDF Demo</h1>
<p>This is a sample of how to use  <a href="https://parall.ax/products/jspdf">jsPDF</a>.</p>
<p> Write some text and donwload a pdf file with your content</p>

<textarea id="txtContent" cols="60" rows="15"></textarea>
<br />
<button id="btnDownload"> Download PDF </button>
body {
  background: #ffdeaa;
  color: #3d3d3d;
  margin: 20px;

#imgCat {
  width: 25%;
var content = document.getElementById('txtContent'),
button = document.getElementById('btnDownload');

function generatePDF(){
  var doc = new jsPDF();

  doc.text(20, 20, content.value);
  //doc.text(35, 25, "Paranyan loves jsPDF");
  //doc.addImage(imgData, 'JPEG', 15, 40, 180, 160);

button.addEventListener('click', generatePDF);

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