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Rock out with this interactive svg animation, click, tap, or any key to play! Part of my Pen's of Rock! collection. Drawn in adobe illustrator, animated with greensock's svg morph plugin. Turn your speakers up for html audio elements in your ears! Took a lot of inspiration from @chrisgannon for animation. Just to be clear - I recorded the guitar, however I didn't write "Smoke on the Water"... Weird bounding box appears when tapped on mobile, any ideas?


  1. YES! This is awesome. Also, I didn't notice any bounding box on mobile (Chrome)...

  2. @woodwork thanks! Weird, I'm using chrome on iOS and I (sometimes) get a dark box on touch. Are you on android?

  3. @iamjoshellis Yup android, strange!

  4. Brilliant!

  5. Thanks @thebabydino! Lovin' your work!

  6. AWW YEAA! Sweet tunes XD Keep up the awesome work!

  7. too much fun!

  8. <3 at 1st sight!! Your work rocks!!!

  9. Deep Purple will love it :)

  10. ArmandoGN @ArmandoGN-1471039262 on

    Thanks friend, your work with svg animations is very fun, two netizens friends and I finally play Smoke on the water :D

  11. of course it's fucking smoke on the water

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