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              <article lang="zh">
  <p>(吉隆坡<span class="u-upright">29</span>日讯)国手陈慧晶昨晚在第一届大马全国篮球联赛(MNBL)女子决赛中爆发,全场轰进<span class="u-upright">18</span>分<span class="u-upright">4</span>篮板,带领昔加末篮球公会以<span class="u-upright">60</span>比<span class="u-upright">51</span>击败吉隆坡高峰集团,以大热姿态在第一座MNBL奖杯上留名。</p>

  <h2>陈慧晶夺生涯首个<span class="u-upright">MVP</span></h2>

  <p>陈慧晶在初赛与半决赛并不是特别抢眼,岂知来到决赛却成为了球队的致胜功臣。身高<span class="u-upright">177</span>公分的陈慧晶此役<span class="u-upright">14</span>投<span class="u-upright">8</span>中,命中率高达<span class="u-upright">57%</span>,尤其最后一节更是独得<span class="u-upright">8</span>分,顶住了高峰队的反扑。凭藉决赛的精彩演出,陈慧晶也因此当选决赛<span class="u-upright">MVP</span>(最有价值球员),生涯首次获得这一项荣誉。</p>

  <p>对于陈慧晶的表现,昔加末主帅戴正钧也赞不绝口,他说:「陈慧晶在这一场比赛的发挥是大家有目共睹的。而除了我们的<span class="u-upright">MVP</span>(陈慧晶),汪秀婷、邱嫊媚也在关键时刻投进了几个三分球,我们才能够在紧要关头将比分扩大。」</p>


  <p>昔加末靠三分球抛离对手的纠缠,本场比赛就出现了好多次,像第三节高峰队追至<span class="u-upright">20</span>比<span class="u-upright">26</span>时,邱嫊媚就轰进三分球;然后在<span class="u-upright">22</span>比<span class="u-upright">31</span>时,汪秀婷也射出一记三分弹;来到比赛最后<span class="u-upright">5</span>分钟高峰以<span class="u-upright">45</span>比

  <p>除了陈慧晶,邱嫊媚与彭燕燕在此役也各射下<span class="u-upright">8</span>分,汪秀婷和钟佩金各得<span class="u-upright">7</span>分,彭慧萍虽然只得<span class="u-upright">5</span>分,但却抢下全场最高的<span class="u-upright">10</span>个篮板。</p>

  <p>高峰队的陈巧婷此役的发挥也极为出色,射下<span class="u-upright">23</span>分<span class="u-upright">8</span>篮板,但却无法带领球队取胜。此外叶佛仪取得<span class="u-upright">10</span>分<span class="u-upright">5</span>篮板、李秀雯<span class="u-upright">8</span>分<span class="u-upright">6</span>篮板、伊查蒂
      class="u-upright">7</span>分<span class="u-upright">6</span>篮板等。</p>

  <h2>雷升龙:发挥输对手<span class="u-upright">5%</span></h2>


  <p>雷升龙说:「我们和昔加末其实都属于同样水平的队伍,胜负关键就要看双方球员的临场表现,而在这一方面我们在决赛中输了<span class="u-upright">5%</span>。」</p>


              body {
  writing-mode: vertical-rl;
  font-size: 1.2em;
  line-height: 1.7;

article {
  height: 25em;
  text-align: justify;
  margin-top: auto;
  margin-bottom: auto;

h1 {
  font-size: 141%;
  font-weight: 700;

h2 {
  font-size: 115%;
  font-weight: 700;

p {
  margin-left: 0.75em;


.u-upright {
  text-combine-upright: all;
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